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Wednesday, November 30, 2022

6. Equip Biblical Institute

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Transitional Pastors Training    # not yet assigned
Oct 14-15 Quincy Community Church

Certificate of Leadership
The Certificate of Leadership is a 1 ½ -year leadership program provided by
The Feather River Baptist Association.
Certificate involves completing the following requirements:
1. Studying the 12 course textbooks.      
2. Attending the 12 courses (10 class hrs. each).
3. Participate in discussions based on the books
4. Creating visual panoramas of the textbooks.
5. Typing action plan based on the textbooks.
The Certificate of Leadership is a developmental certificate that is equal to 120 hours/12 CEU’s (Continuing Education Units) as set by The American National Standards Institute. It is specifically designed for those interested in rapidly enhancing their leadership, teaching, and preaching skills through the local church. The goal is multiplying churches by making “Each Church a School and each Pastor a Teacher.” Students who complete the 1 1/2 year course of studies will receive the Certificate of Leadership and will be eligible to march in the May joint commencement of Southern California Seminary and Equip Biblical Institute; Church Leadership Development.


Required Courses: 

100-1   Bible Overview

              103-1   Old Testament Survey 1 

              103-2   Old Testament Survey 2 

       104      Spiritual Leadership

                109-1   New Testament Survey 1 

109-1 New Testament 1 

                109-2   New Testament Survey 2 

          112      Biblical Interpretation

         114      Personal Evangelism 

         341      Expository Teaching 


Elective Courses: 

             115      Systematic Theology 1 

                          220      Church Based Disciple-Making

        222      Analysis of Romans 

         227      Strategic Evangelism

   229      Pastoral Ministry 

        338      Bible Study Methods

Costs: $15 Books, or purchase on your $20 Audit class – attend class.
$35 Credit for Certificate from EBI of FRBA - CEU’s (Continuing Education Units,)
$25 One time Registration Fee payable to Feather River Baptist Association (EBI)
There is a $300 graduation fee for the rental of cap and gown and the certificate and cover.
Graduates will receive a complimentary meal for two at the Annual Alumni Banquet.
The Certificate of Leadership is excellent preparation for those interested in the
Diploma and Associate Programs, but who desire foundational leadership training first.
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